Newburgh losing 1.5 million gallons of water annually from leaks

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NEWBURGH – City Manager Michael Ciaravino has launched an investigation into where water is leaking from Newburgh’s reservoir and system to the meter system. As much as one million to 1.5 million gallons leak per year.  He said so far, they have found 96 major leaks in the system and have repaired 38 of them.
“A leak can be as minimal as a hydrant that is leaking to something more substantial, for example the leak we discovered by NFA maintenance staff and a contractor is of a water main feeding NFA where almost 250,000 gallons a day were being lost,” Ciaravino said.
Two water main breaks in residential areas of Newburgh were leaking a combined 100,000 gallons per day. Repairing the leaks will increase water pressure and save the city money, the manager said.