Sandy Hook moms haunted by daughters’ deaths

    BREWSTER – Two mothers of young girls who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre three years ago told Brewster congregants on Sunday that their faith in God has kept them going ever since their children were killed on December 14, 2012.
    The daughters of Jenny Hubbard and Sandy Previdi, both six years old, were among the 20 children and six adult staff members who were shot and killed in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Previdi, left, and Hubbard, say faith in God keeps them going

    Catherine Hubbard, left, and Caroline Previdi

    Previdi said she can get along on some days, but on others “it hurts like a ton of bricks,” she told parishioners at the First Baptist Church of Brewster.
    She recently celebrated her birthday and while she said it should have been a happy occasion, it wasn’t, “wishing that Caroline was here to celebrate with me.”
    Previdi’s faith in God continues to “give me strength to get up each day and be the mother to my son Walker.”
    Hubbard told those in attendance that, “My daughter is safe in heaven and we will meet again.”
    “Our experience will hopefully aid others dealing with monumental loss,” said Previdi. “God is using us to assist future sufferers because in the eyes of the Lord, there is goodness every day.”
    Pastor Travis Mitchell invited the two mothers to his church since it is studying the Bible and have come to the Book of Job, which addresses the theme of God’s justice in the face of human suffering.  

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