Orange County DA opposes sentence tax and crimes case

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GOSHEN – An electrical contractor, who pled guilty to repeated
failure to file personal income tax returns in violation of tax law and
fraudulent practices in violation of the workers ’ compensation
law, was sentenced in Orange County Court on Wednesday to three years
probation. District Attorney David Hoovler opposed the sentence, having
recommended that Scott Duffy be sentenced to one to three years in state

Duffie, 61, of the Town of Newburgh, owner of Duffie Electric, admitted
he failed to file personal income tax returns from 2011 through 2013,
and cheated his workers’ compensation insurance carrier by understating
his payroll.

Hoovler’s office asked Judge Nicholas De Rosa for the stiffer sentence
in a case that was referred by a labor union.

“The sentence itself is a slap in the face to all organized labor
and contractors in Orange County who play by the rules, pay all of the
insurances necessary, and also pay their taxes,” Hoovler said.
The DA also opposed the court issuing Duffie a certificate of relief
from civil disabilities, which Duffie had requested. The certificate removes
some of the civil collateral effects on a person who has a felony conviction.

Over the years, Duffie has worked on federal and state public works projects,
which are generally awarded to the lowest bidder.

As part of his plea, Duffie paid $34,744 in restitution to the state Department
of Taxation and Finance and $59,319 to The Hartford Insurance Company,
his workers’ compensation insurance carrier.