Middletown to experiment with crow problem


MIDDLETOWN – The downtown area of the City of Middletown is infested with crows and officials are going to test a humane means of chasing them away.
As of Tuesday night, city workers installed strobe lights at Festival Park a short distance from City Hall.
Public Works Commissioner Jacob Tawil told the common council the trial run appears to be successful.
“If you look, the tree where the crows can see the flashing light, it’s empty; there is nothing on it,” Tawil said.  “The other one, across from the police department, is loaded with crows. Crows are very smart. They will get used to it. We will see how much of a success this will be.”
Future tests will include varying the time the strobe lights are on and off.
Among the concerns of residents is the mess made by the crow droppings on sidewalks and other surfaces.

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