Rockland Business Association founding member of Minimum Wage Reality Check


PEARL RIVER – A new group of organizations comprised of business, not-for-profits, agricultural groups and others, has formed to oppose the state’s proposed minimum wage hike to $15 an hour.
One of the first groups to join the Minimum Wage Reality Check campaign is the Rockland Business Association. Its president, Al Samuels, said according to the state labor department, raising the wage to $15 would be a 67 percent increase, which would have a significant negative impact on business.
“We look at that as a tax and we cannot allow ourselves to be taxed another $16 billion for any reason, but clearly this is to satisfy the political agenda motivated by the growing strength of the left and we are fighting this,” he said.
Samuels also pointed to the Manhattan Institute studies that show New York would lose a minimum of 200,000 jobs.
Supporters of the increased wage maintain people cannot exist at the current rate of pay.
To date, the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce is the only other regional group in the Hudson Valley to support the Minimum Wage Reality Check effort. A total of 37 organizations have signed on to it.

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