Family of Michael Lembhard, shot dead by police, furious over court settlement

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NEWBURGH – The Newburgh
City Council Monday night approved an $81,378 settlement in the death
of Michael Lembhard, who was shot by police on March 7, 2012. The money
was agreed upon by the maternal grandmother of Lembhard and lawyers for
his three children.
Some of his family members disrupted the council meeting saying his life was worth more than the value of the settlement, but it was pointed out that the city council did not pick the figure; it was agreed upon by all of the lawyers involved with a federal mediator.
Emotions ran high at the council session as Mayor Judy Kennedy attempted to calm the family members down.
“I know this is hard for the family, but we are in a legal council meeting where we have to honor the rules and honor each other and follow through with what we need to do,” Kennedy said as family members shouted at the council.   “We just can’t have chaos here,”
Newburgh Police said they shot Lembhard because he came at them with a knife.
Community activist Omari Shakur, whose own son was shot and killed by police after he ran down Broadway allegedly firing at them, told the city council Monday night that if the Newburgh Police, who he charged have a long history of killing members of the community, are not addressed by March 7, the anniversary of Lembhard’s death, he will guarantee the community will do something.