Putnam hosts first Queens and Kings celebration

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The event was an opportunity for some kids to get a few
final Christmas presents

CARMEL – The return of Santa to the North Pole was celebrated in Carmel at the county’s first Queens and Kings celebration.
The 12th day of Christmas, known as the Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day, which was last Wednesday, was marked on Sunday by music, give-giving and food for everyone who attended.
Guitarist Juan Sanchez of Hudson and saxophonist Eliot Rivera of Kent entertain the packed house at the Reed Library.
The concert was held to “celebrate the queen and king in all of us,” said organizer Norma Pereira. “Each person has his or her own majesty and we hoped to acknowledge that everyone had a gift to give.”
The event ended on a sunny note as the torrential rains stopped and a rainbow emerged with Pereira saying it was good luck for the future.