New Putnam County DA sworn in

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Tendy sworn in

CARMEL – Former Putnam Valley Supervisor Robert Tendy officially has a new job – Putnam County district attorney. He was sworn in on New Year’s Eve.
A Republican, he defeated fellow party member and incumbent Adam Levy, in a GOP primary election last fall, paving the way for his eventual election.
Levy, the son of television’s Judge Judy, fell victim to a number of scandals to which he was associated.
After he won the primary, Tendy stated on his campaign website that events occurred that he had never heard or seen in any district attorney’s office in the state: “innocent people being indicted for political reasons; careers of police officers being destroyed for no reason other than vindictiveness; friends receiving extraordinary special treatment; a district attorney who harbors an illegal alien (his ‘friend’) who had previously stolen $83,000 from an employer; indictments being thrown out over and over and over again; convictions being reversed and others being re-examined; a strange and utterly silly lawsuit against our sheriff.”