State comptroller audits of localities meant to be educational

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ALBANY – The State Comptroller’s Office is continually
conducting audits of local towns, villages, cities, counties and school
districts and they are not performed necessarily to find any wrongdoing.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said while many may be critical of local
bookkeeping practices, there is an educational component to the reviews.

“There is no doubt that we have a need to better train, and educate
and give information to local officials – we are actually stepping
up our outreach in terms of information that we can impart to local officials
because I do think by and large most of them want to do the right thing
– they don’t always feel they are equipped to do it, but we
also find too many instances that it is not because of a lack of information,
but we still find people stealing,” he said.
Oftentimes, stealing is as a result of a lack of direct
oversight of the individual.

DiNapoli’s office provides recommendations for agencies to correct
any deficiencies and much of the time, their officials concur and make
the modifications in practices.