Ulster County to launch broadband study

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KINGSTON – Ulster County Government s going to launch
a study of broadband coverage in the county within the next two months
once a consultant is in place.

The goal is to identify areas of the county with little or no service
and with state grant funding and partnerships with broadband companies,
provide coverage to those areas.

County Deputy Planning Director Chris White is spearheading the effort
with support from other county officials.

“We recognize that broadband service has become as essential as
electricity and water and sewer for economic development and that if we
want to attract high-tech jobs, if we want to provide students opportunities
for education and provide equal access to services to people across the
county, having high-speed broadband is absolutely critical at this point,”
he said.
White said the county hopes to secure some funding from
the New New York Broadband program to help fund the initiative.

The rural areas of Ulster County are typically those that have little
or no service at present.