State Police patrolling Planned Parenthood clinics in wake of fatal Colorado attack

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ALBANY – In the wake of
the fatal Colorado Planned Parenthood attack, State Police in New York
began increased patrolled at clinic sites across the state. On Monday
they will visit the more than 60 clinics and locations in New York to
assist with security and emergency planning measures.

Governor Cuomo said his administration is working closely with Planned
Parenthood staff and local partners “to ensure the safety of these
health centers throughout the state.”

Lauren Tobias, president of Family Planning Advocates and Planned Parenthood
Advocates of New York said there is “a history of people bringing
violence to health centers in the past and so an incident such as this
underscores the need for vigilance to endure that patients and the staff
that provide services are safe at all health centers.”

Clinics in New York are closed on Sundays.