NYPIRG releases annual dangerous toys survey


NEW PALTZ – As Christmas and Hanukkah rapidly approach, NYPIRG has released its 30th annual Trouble in Toyland report, a survey of potentially hazardous toys that consumers should be aware of.
Toxic toys, choking and loud toys are the top three potential hazards to young children, the group said.
The SUNY New Paltz NYPIRG chapter was among those conducting the survey, the results of which were released on Tuesday.
College Consumer Action Project Leader Terence Gagstetter said potential choking hazardous toys are by far considered the most dangerous.
“Between 2005 and 2013, at least 65 children have choked to death on balloons, balls or parts of toys and in 2014, 19 toys and other children’s toys were recalled from store shelves as choking hazards and those 19 toys accounted for 25 percent of all children’s toys recalls that year,” Gagstetter said.
Among those toys found to be choking hazards, NYPIRG found a fairy wand in a local store that had small parts that could easily break off, but were not labeled as a choking hazard and inadequate labels in the Disney Pixar Cars Riplash Racers and Disney Planes, G2 Air Mini Footballs, a Disney Finding Nemo Dory figure and a Nickelodeon Mermaid Dora the Explore.

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