Ulster comptroller gives Department of Social Services good grades with HEAP

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An audit of the HEAP – Home Energy Assistance Program – which
began (Monday) today for this upcoming winter heating season, has given
the Ulster County Department of Social Services good grades for its administration.

The audit, conducted by County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach’s Office,
looked at the 2014 heating system. He said the review of the audit of
the $7.4 million program, which processed 19,000 claims, demonstrated
the staff did a good job.

‘It is timely because we are entering into the heating season of
2015-2016 and I know the folks over at social services have been overwhelmed
by applications, but this audit gives me the confidence and assurances
of the great job that they have done,” he said.
In Sullivan County, officials have begun on a good footing
following a few years of abysmal performance in handing HEAP applications.
Bringing in a new management team has turned that program around.