Warning: No illegal dumping in Newburgh


NEWBURGH – City officials in Newburgh issued a warning to illegal dumpers that if they are caught, they will pay the consequences.
City Manager Michael Ciaravino told the council Monday night from milled blacktop dumped in a parking lot adjacent to the Hudson River to large rocks dumped by an outflow pipe into the river, blocking it, will not be tolerated.
“The City of Newburgh is not a dumping ground,” Ciaravino said.  “We are not a dumping ground for mattresses, garbage. We are not a dumping ground for people who pour things in our sewers and we sure as heck are not a dumping ground for polluting one of our most treasured assets in the Hudson River. There will be consequences and we are vigilant as we can with the resources available to us.”
On a related note, the council discussed, but took no action, on the possibility of bulk pickup of trash and large items.

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