Sullivan HEAP begins


MONTICELLO – The heating equipment repair/replacement benefit of the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) opened Monday. Persons with home heating equipment repair needs or replacement should contact the Department of Family Services at 845-807-0142 to schedule a review or the situation and file an application if needed, said William Moon, deputy commissioner.
The regular HEAP benefit for this heating season begins next Monday, November 16.
After last year’s problems with a backlog of unprocessed applications, Moon said this year’s program has been revised, updated and expanded considerably and will provide enhanced and expedited service to applications. The department now has six community partners to work as alternate certifier.
The monthly income eligibility is up to $2,244 for a household of one and increased by $520 for each additional member. The base benefit ranges from $350 for natural gas or electric to $575 for oil, kerosene or propane. A $500 benefit is also available for wood, pellets, coal or corn.
The emergency HEAP portion of the program will open effective January 4, 2016 with one-time emergency benefits similar to the regular base benefit, Moon said.

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