Monroe supervisor says animal control officers need more bite

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MONROE – Following an incident two weeks ago in which a Rottweiler mauled two state troopers, Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles is calling for rules for animal control officers to follow.
The two troopers corralled the dog in the Monroe area when animal control officers did not respond in a timely manner. When the dog was brought to the barracks, it bit the officers’ hands, said Doles, who said animal control officers need more oversight so that officers are not put at risk of injury.
“They need to be on call; we need to be sure that they are paid to be on call rather than somehow they are just around,” he said. “We need to make sure they have proper equipment, not only in terms of securing the animal, but if they are attacked there is no risk to themselves, because if you can’t protect yourself, you can’t protect others obviously.”
Doles said the animal control officers also need proper vehicles in which to respond to and handle animal calls.
State Police provided no information about the dog bite incident.