Larkin to run for 20th term in state legislature

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NEW WINDSOR – State Senator William Larkin will be 88 next February, but that is not holding him back from running for a 20th term in the state legislature.
Larkin, a Republican-Conservative, ran successfully for the Assembly in 1976 and won his Senate seat for the first time in 1990.
The senator said constituent service is a major component of his long-time
“You are only put on this earth once and when you hear the Almighty charges you to help your neighbor, I am honored to be one of those that takes it with pride,” Larkin said.
The legislative elections are a year off. No one has surfaced as an opponent at this stage, although there have been rumblings in political circles that Assemblyman James Skoufis, a Democrat, may challenge Larkin. Skoufis has not returned several phone calls for comment, but sources say he has told political insiders that he would not challenge Larkin.