Little movement in resolving Poughkeepsie PBA contract


POUGHKEEPSIE – Police in the City of Poughkeepsie have been without a contract for about four years.  There is no resolution in sight. 
Several spoke during an hour-long public comment session at the start of Monday night’s Common Council meeting.  Among them, Anthony Solfaro, president of New York State Union of Police Associations, urged the council to go with what’s on the table.
 “This came from a state-appointed mediator between the parties,” Solfaro said.  “A lot of work went into it.  This particular mediator, obviously, is not from the area, but however, took a lot of time, effort by listening to both parties’ positions, facts, evidence.”
PBA President Sean Fitzgerald asked the council to accept the recommendation of the mediator.
 “Should this have to go forward to arbitration, it’s her opinion that an arbitrator would find very similar result through their process,” Fitzgerald said.  “The difference being that should this have to go to arbitration, the city will do so, as well as the PBA, at a significant additional cost.”
The Common Council went into executive session for about an hour, but took no action, or even discussed the contract after coming out. 

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