Orange DA launches narcotics eviction program


GOSHEN – Orange County
District Attorney David Hoovler has added another tool in his tool kit
in his fight against drug dealers with the announcement of a Narcotics
Eviction Program. The effort is designed to disrupt drug dealers by removing
them from rental properties.

The effort is primarily aimed at drug dealers, by anyone involved in an
illegal business on rental property could be evicted.

The program will begin in the cities of Newburgh, Middletown and Port
Jervis, but is open to officials in municipalities countywide.

With state law to back him up, Hoovler may notify a landlord about illegal
business being conducted by a tenant after which the landlord is required
to bring an eviction action against the tenant.

If the landlord brings the eviction action, the DA’s office will
cooperate with the landlord to evict the tenant. If the landlord does
not bring the action or does not actively pursue it after bringing it,
the DA or municipal attorney may bring the eviction action and may later
seek an administration fee against the landlord.

“Drug dealers and those conducting other illegal businesses operate
from all types of premises; those that they own and those that they rent,”
said Hoovler. “Under my administration, this office has taken a
hard line against offenses that adversely affect the quality of life in
our communities. These crimes, of course, include drug dealing, but also
prostitution or gambling or any other illegal action, and may later seek
an administration fee against the landlord.”

He said the hope of the new program is to “disrupt the operations
of drug dealers and others who conduct illegal businesses from rental

The Narcotics Eviction Program will be conducted primarily by Chief Assistant
DA Christopher Borek, Executive Assistant DA Robert Cnflitti, and Assistant
DA Darlene De Jesus.


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