Rockland lawmakers want efforts to sell Summit Park to continue


NEW CITY – Rockland County legislators voted unanimously to urge the sale of the county’s Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center to continue.
The company that had planned to buy the facilities pulled out of the deal at the last momemt.
“It’s in the best interests of everyone concerned – taxpayers, residents, patients and employees – that we do everything within our power to make this sale happen,” said Democratic County Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe.
Legislator Douglas Jobson, a Republican, said the actions of the lawmakers send a clear message.
“It shows bipartisan support that we’re all on the same path to selling the facility to a competent buyer who can keep it operating for the benefit of everyone – employees, patients and all the people of Rockland,” Jobson said
Republican County Executive Edwin Day has begun the process to shut down the facilities and not fund them in his 2016 budget proposal.

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