Still no movement on Camp LaGuardia redevelopment

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Camp LaGuardia continues to deteriorate

CHESTER – The long-time issue of the development of the former Camp LaGuardia center for homeless New York City men remains in limbo.
Orange County bought the land in the towns of Chester and Blooming Grove several years ago and entered into a contract with Mountco Construction and Development Corp. to redevelop it.
The issue remains how to do that. Mountco President Joel Mounty originally proposed to build 900 units of workforce and senior housing. He later scaled that back to 650 units with additional plans.
“We requested a flexible zone, that is a residential zone that can be changed to commercial if the demand was there and over the years, I thought we were getting somewhere with the Town of Chester, but to date approvals have not happened or any real support,” Mounty said.
So, the property, with several old buildings, has deteriorated with much vandalism to the buildings with windows broken and walls and other interior furnishing destroyed.