Bike bypass trail secures state funding

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NEW CITY – A $100,000
state grant has been secured to construct a 1,300-foot-long bike bypass
trail to improve bike bypass trail to improve the safety of cyclists in
the Town of Orangetown.

One route that is popular among cyclists is from Nyack over Clausland
Mountain toward Greenbush Road in Blauvelt, forcing cyclists to navigate
oncoming traffic for several hundred feet on Route 303 before safely getting
back onto Greenbush Road. A few years ago, a cyclist was struck and killed
by a car, prompting government officials to identify solutions to improve
cyclist safety.

The new funding will pay for a paved bike path that will re-connect the
two ends of Greenbush Road, bypassing Route 303. The path will run through
state parkland and allow cyclists to continue along their route towards
their destination, minimizing their risk of being hit by a car.

“With the opening of the new Tappan Zee Bridge in a few years, I
expect Orangetown to see a significant increase in the number of cyclists
on our roads,” said Orangetown Supervisor Andrew Stewart. “Finding
ways to make our town safer for cyclists and drivers is a priority, and
this project will help with that critical goal.”