Hein pledges to serve full term as county executive


KINGSTON – Democratic Ulster County Executive Michael Hein’s Republican challenger Terry Bernardo is speculating that if reelected, he will not serve a full four-year term.
She bases that on speculation since his campaign manager is based in Washington, DC.
Hein discounted that thought.
“Her campaign manager is from Troy; that doesn’t mean she is going to run for mayor of Troy,” he said. “We are focused on doing the best job, just like we have for the last seven years and we can deliver enormous results including lower property taxes just as in this most recent budget.”
There had been speculation that Hein might have run for Congress in the last election, but he maintained then as he does now, that his primary focus is the residents of Ulster County.
Bernardo has pledged to serve a full four years if she is elected to Ulster’s top job.

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