Rockland lawmakers charge county exec blocks access to department heads

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NEW CITY – Rockland County
Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe Friday charged County Executive Edwin
Day with restricting government openness and transparency by ordering
county department heads not to respond to e-mails, letters or telephone
calls from county legislators seeking information about issues concerning
their departments.

Day has instructed department heads to contact him or Deputy County Executive
Guillermo Rosa to obtain a response to any inquiries.

“This new policy eliminates openness and transparency, restricting
the flow of information to legislators and the people we represent,”
said Wolfe.

“Members of the public who come to our meetings and who call seeking
information about actions that can impact their daily lives deserve access
and transparency.”

This new policy will delay important items of county government business,
Wolfe said.

Day’s office had no comment about Wolfe’s criticism.