Gallo accuses Council President Noble of cronyism in ethics controversy


KINGSTON – Outgoing Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo fired a new volley at Council President James Noble for his suggestion that the city pay for the legal representation of Alderman Brad Will. Will is believed to be under investigation in a city ethics dispute.
Noble told earlier this week that Will, who has hired his own legal counsel, should have the cost covered by the city. Gallo claimed that is another example of Noble taking care of his friends, relatives and colleagues.
“If he is going to provide counsel at taxpayer expense to a councilperson alleged to have violated the city ethics code, perhaps then he wants to provide counsel to our city residents and businesses, who are subject to city code violations and when they are prosecuted, apparently then taxpayers should foot the bill for their legal representation,” Gallo said.
The incumbent mayor was defeated earlier this month in the Democratic Party primary by Noble’s nephew, Steven Noble, knocking Gallo off the November ballot.
Mayoral candidate Noble will now face Republican Ronald Polacco in the general election.

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