Newburgh sergeants and lieutenants union asks for test venue change

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NEWBURGH – The leadership of the union representing sergeants and lieutenants in the Newburgh Police Department has asked the city’s Civil Service Commission for a change of venue for the upcoming promotional test.
The exam is scheduled for September 26 for sergeants registered to take the police lieutenant exam.
In a letter signed by the top two officers of the Police Superior Officers’ Association, they wrote that their request comes “due to circumstances that have arisen in the time between the registration period for the exam and now.”
Sgt. Richard Carrion, the president of the union, and Sgt. Frank Labrada, union vice president, said they feel those circumstances “jeopardize the integrity of the testing process and leave open the opportunity for our competed test material to be compromised prior to its submission to the state.”
The officers told the commission the issue stems from “a recent personnel matter involving one of our members,” resulting in “some of our members of our executive board [being] condemned by the individual’s family members who were not happy with the resolution.”
The letter said the “outlandish claims have gone as far as to openly accuse the union of conspiring with the city manager and chief of police to create our own promotional opportunities.”
Carrion and Labrada wrote they believe “one of the strongest detractors in this matter is [Civil Service Administrator] Michelle Mills.” That, they wrote, “poses a potentially serious conflict of interest.”