Thompson supervisor opposes proposed homeless shelter

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MONTICELLO – A proposal by Sullivan County to develop a homeless shelter on Pelton Street in the Village of Monticello is being opposed by Thompson Town Supervisor William Rieber.
He said the neighboring municipalities “have a very real chance to improve this area,” but a homeless shelter would bring the village down.
“You have people who gravitate to these shelters and they will be roaming the streets just like people from the Recovery Center and all of the other social services programs we have in the village now,” Rieber said. “There is a substantial need for it, but this is not-in-my-backyard times 10. We don’t need any further degradation of the village while we have a glimmer of hope that we can revive the economy and bring it back to what is once was.”
Rieber said regardless of the county’s good intentions, “it is time to cut this project off at the knees.”