Fleischer is no fan of Trump, former presidential press secretary tells Orange GOP

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Fleischer, right, listens to Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus

CENTRAL VALLEY – The large field of Republican presidential candidates
is one of the best in years, according to Ari Fleischer, former President
George W. Bush’s press secretary.
Fleischer addressed Orange County Republicans in Central Valley Tuesday night, saying that while the presidential field is diverse, he is not a fan of frontrunner Donald Trump.
“I don’t think Donald Trump has the experience to be the president of the United States,” Fleischer said.  “I think he is a real sign of how fed up people are with Washington, with things that have gone wrong and he epitomizes that feeling. In the sense that he is bring more people out to watch the debates, that is very healthy for the party and it’s a chance for another Republican to be seen by people who otherwise wouldn’t see them. So, he in and of himself I don’t think he is qualified to be the president.”
In order to defeat Trump, candidates have to drop out, said Fleischer, who has no favorite GOP candidate.
As for the Democrats, he believes Hillary Clinton “has proven to be weaker than anybody thought.” Fleischer said Bernie Sanders “is the real principal deal that people respond to.” But, he predicted Clinton will be the party nominee, albeit, a “weak nominee.”