Carbon monoxide detectors and alarms required in Newburgh’s commercial buildings


NEWBURGH – Carbon monoxide detectors and alarms may be in short supply in commercial buildings in Newburgh, but they will be required nationwide by next June 27.
Newburgh Fire Chief Michael Vatter said the term “commercial building”
is defined as any new or existing building that is not a one- or two-family
dwelling, or a building containing only townhouses.
All buildings, regardless of commercial or residential, should have those
devices installed for safety sake, Vatter said.
“Whether you live in a private home or you live in an apartment, you have a shop with an attached a garage, or even if you own an office building and you have an oil-fired or gas-fired heating system, they need to be installed and operational by June of next year,” the chief said.
Vatter said the installation process is one of educating the public. The city is inspecting apartments and commercial buildings advising them of the new requirement.