RECAP’s Newburgh programs aiding the community

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NEWBURGH – The Regional Economic Community Action Program, which has traditionally provided a wide array of human and community resources to the western Orange County area, is now also formally assigned the same responsibilities in the greater Newburgh area.
In that role, the agency operates a parole re-entry program to aid former prisoners with their assimilation back into society, said Executive Director John Czajka.
“We can help them with their housing,” Czaka said.  “We can help them with job training. We can help them with light skills, just simple things that people who have been in prison for a while. They may not know how to open up a bank account. They may not know how to access all the differing services that are now available that may not have been when they were judged and put into the system.”  
RECAP is now 50 years old, having been established after President Lyndon Johnson’s State of the Union Address a year earlier encouraged Americans to eradicate poverty and build a “Great Society.”