DEC awards $50,000 to survey invasive hydrilla in Croton Bay and the Hudson River

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ALBANY – The state Department of Environmental Conservation has awarded a $50,000 contract to Allied Biological to conduct a survey of the aquatic macrophyte Hydrilla, also known as thyme, in the tidal Hudson River estuary.
Hydrilla is a highly invasive submersed aquatic plant that can have significant negative ecological, recreational and economic impacts in areas it invades. The plant was recently found in the tidal portion of the Croton River and Bay connected to the Hudson River.
“This project is a first step in understanding the impacts of Hydrilla on the Hudson River Estuary and will provide important information about its distribution to natural resource managers working to maintain and improve the health and resiliency of the Hudson River Estuary,” said Acting DEC Commissioner Marc Gerstman.