New Rochelle downtown redevelopment plan presented

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NEW ROCHELLE – The recommended action plan for downtown New Rochelle was released by the city and its selected master developer, RDRXR. It outlines a diverse mixed-use downtown and transit center.
The plan envisions a downtown and transit area that would include a mix of housing options, retail, commercial, office, hotel space, and community and cultural facilities.
“These recommendations, the product of months of hard work and community input, will reduce barriers to private investment by establishing clear, predictable development rights, and by eliminating the high cost of project-specific environmental reviews,” said Mayor Noam Bramson. “More than ever before, New Rochelle will be open for business and ready to welcome any investor who shares our vision for a thriving, inclusive downtown.”
Donald Monti, president of Renaissance Downtowns, said the culmination of this public-private partnership “will be a re-invigorated and revitalized downtown for all New Rochelle residents and visitors to enjoy.”