KJ approves annexation FGEIS


KIRYAS JOEL – The Village of Kiryas Joel has approved the final generic environmental impact statement for the proposed annexation of 507 acres of land in the Town of Monroe to the village.
The final document, developed by the village board with their consultant Tim Miller Associates, reviewed and evaluated thousands of comments regarding the draft generic environmental impact statement.            
The final GEIS also considers potential impacts from an alternative petition filed with the village and town to annex a smaller 164 acre parcel.
Kiryas Joel Government Relations Coordinator Ari Felberman said the village, as designated lead agency, and Miller Associates, “carefully reviewed all comments to ensure that all voices were heard in their review of property owners’ request to be annexed into the Village of Kiryas Joel and benefit from its services.” He said the comments received from the public “helped craft the thorough and sufficient document that this FGEIS is.”
Kiryas Joel spokesman Paul Larabee said the town and village will comment on the plan as the next step.
“When the SEQR process is deemed complete, the involved agencies have the opportunity to issue their findings statements,” Larabee said.  “That is in essence an opportunity to look at the social, economic and environmental impact of the proposed action and make a judgment as to what conclusions can be drawn from the EIS.”
Orange County Government, meanwhile, is conducting its own environmental studies of the proposed annexation to address countywide regional issues.
Read the full document here: www.kj-seqra.com/507Acres/ 

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