Poughkeepsie Plenty raises issue of hunger with mayoral, council candidates

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Poughkeepsie Plenty,
a grassroots food justice group, wants to know where candidates for Poughkeepsie
city government stand in terms of hunger and food insecurity so the organization
has sent a questionnaire to them.

The goal is to raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity, learn
how candidates intend to address the issues and educate voters.

“Hunger and food insecurity are persistent and serious problems
in our city,” said Susan Grove, co-convener of Poughkeepsie Plenty
and a city resident. “More than one in four Poughkeepsie households
experience food insecurity and one in 10 suffers from hunger. In one of
the wealthiest counties in New York State, these numbers are morally indefensible.”

She said food insecurity affects everyone in the city, “regardless
of whether or not they have enough to eat.”

Poughkeepsie Plenty will compile results of its questionnaire and publicize
them in the first week of September in time for the September 10 primary