DEP resumes normal operations at Cannonsville Reservoir


WALTON – Drinking water diversions
and downstream releases from the Cannonsville Reservoir are being reduced
to normal levels due to repair work that has halted the turbid discharge
below the Cannonsville Dam, New York City Department of Environmental
Protection officials announced Sunday.
The decision to resume normal operations made in consultation with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission comes following testing and monitoring that proved the dam is safe, stable and uncompromised by the cloudy seepage that began three weeks ago.
With DEP’s shift to normal operations Sunday, the drinking water diversion from Cannonsville Reservoir will be reduced to zero, in favor of diverting more drinking water from Pepacton and Neversink reservoirs.
DEP also plans to slowly reduce the amount of water released into the West Branch Delaware River from 1,500 cubic feet per second to 500 cubic feet per second, the normal rate outlined in the Flexible Flow Management Program.