Appellate judge refuses to issue restraining order in Orange County government center case

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GOSHEN – An Appellate Court judge refused to reverse the decision of State Supreme Court Justice Christopher Cahill, who denied a request to issue a temporary restraining order preventing partial demolition and redevelopment of the Orange County Government Center in Goshen.
Plaintiffs Eugene Degan and Ernst Wagner and the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation sought to prevent the major work to begin the project.
Attorney Michal Sussman has been representing the interests of those attempting to retain the original architecture of Paul Rudolph. The county wants to raze a portion of the building, construct a new section and refurbish the remainder of the building.
County spokesman Justin Rodriguez said the county is “pleased that the Appellate Division has again denied the efforts by the leadership of the Democratic Alliance to stop this project.”
He said an “unfortunately byproduct” of the lawsuits is that the county is concerned they could drive up the costs of the construction “because bidders on the main construction project see the repeated frivolous litigation that slows it down.”