Orange County may modify law allowing sparklers


GOSHEN – Orange County may alter its local law allowing the sale and use of sparking devices to leave the decision in the three cities up to their officials.
County Legislator Jeffrey Berkman of Middletown is advancing the proposed change after the Middletown Common Council asked for it in light of a large volume of Independence Day police calls.
“There was a misinterpretation, I believe, of the state law,” Berkman said.  “A lot of people are of the opinion that fireworks became legal. That was never the case. The issue only had to do with sparklers and sparkling devices, but evidently there were many, many police calls in Middletown and in order to represent my constituents I am, of course, on the job and offering this amendment to the past resolution which would turn the decision over to Middletown if Middletown or Newburgh or Port Jervis decided that they wanted to have sparkling devices, they could have them.”  
Lawmakers will begin discussion of the proposed change later this week. 

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