Former Butterfield Hospital site to take on new role


Ailes, with wife, Elizabeth

COLD SPRING – Elected officials and members of the western Putnam County community of Cold Spring joined Wednesday morning to celebrate the groundbreaking of a Roger Ailes Senior Center and George Pataki Park located on the grounds of the old Butterfield Hospital in Cold Spring.
The new project will feature a senior center dedicated to Cold Spring
local and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, 43,000 square feet of retail
space and the one-acre Pataki Public Park named for the former governor
and now presidential candidate.
The new project, in addition to the senior center, park and retail space, will have 55 luxury senior residencies and three single-family homes. It is expected to generate $431,000 in annual tax revenue, $100,000 of which the Village of Cold Spring will receive.
Residential retail spending within the facilities is predicted to be approximately $825,000 annually and the sales tax revenue from that spending is estimated at $175,000 annually. It will create 85-100 construction jobs and 20-75 full time positions within the facility.
County Executive MaryEllen Odell said that western Putnam has been lacking critical services but, she is happy to say, they have finally been delivered.
“I’m very proud to say that we did fulfill our promise, that we would bring services here to Putnam County here on the western part of the county,” Odell said “You have been sorely underserved for so long but, the future is bright.”
Ailes praised Developer Paul Guillaro for his perseverance on the project.
“I live in a world where people like you think big thoughts and think big projects, take on big jobs, are often dragged through the mud while it happens but, you never let go of your end of the rope and everybody is here today, basically, because of your vision,” he said.
Odell said the project was met with some opposition within the county. Guillaro said that, although the venture has been a long time coming, it is finally on track.
“It’s been four years,” said Guillaro. “It started with a rezone, then went to site plan approval and now sub division approval and now we’re at the end and we’re ready to start construction.”
Construction is due to begin within the next month. Although the facility is primarily meant for senior and veteran services, because of its vast amount of retail space, it is expected to have other services offered in the near future.

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