Freak storm rolls through Gardiner

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Video by Misha Fredericks

GARDINER – Central Hudson crews worked all through Saturday to
restore power to some 6,500 customers who lost power when a storm packing
high winds snapped utility poles and ripped large trees right out of the

The worst storm damage was in the Gardiner area where more than 11 poles
were broken and trees toppled.

Misha Fredericks, who lives on Military Lane in Gardiner, was watching
TV when she heard the wind pick up and heavy rain come down. “Within
minutes I saw large objects being blown about outside and the wind seemed
unusually strong and erratic,” she told

Fredericks took refuge in her bathtub since she does not have a basement.
Her home and car sustained no damage other than large limbs being thrown
about, but the property across the street was hard hit. “About a
dozen huge trees were uprooted. Two fell onto the house while one landed
on the vehicle.”

Fredericks stands in front of uprooted tree

Gardiner firefighters responded to the area to clear trees blocking Military

One resident took a photo of the storm that looked like a funnel cloud.
It was taken on Route 208 near the state prison.