Amedore legislation would charge drug dealer with homicide if user dies


ALBANY – Legislation that would charge a drug dealer with homicide if a person overdoses on heroin or an opiate-controlled substance sold to them by that person has been passed by the State Senate.
Laree’s Law is named after Laree Farrell Lincoln, a Colonie teenager who died of a heroin overdose two years ago.
Senator George Amedore (R-105), who sponsored the bill, said the heroin
epidemic must be attacked from all fronts – prevention, proper treatment
and support for those in recovery, and proper punishment.
“This legislation is intended to target the mid to high level drug dealers who profit from the heroin sales,” Amedore said.  “It goes after the dealer who could then be charged with a homicide if someone, a user, overdoses and dies.”
The bill is now before the Assembly and Amedore is hopeful that it will be passed in that house as well before lawmakers adjourn for the year in one week. 

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