Pennsylvania man indicted for attempted armed robbery of Rockland woman


NEW CITY – A Greeley, Pennsylvania man has been indicted by a Rockland County grand jury for trying to hold up a New City woman with a gun.
The Rockland District Attorney’s Office said that when Michael DeLeo, 44, approached a woman playing with her three-year-old son in her driveway, he lifted his shirt to show here he had a handgun and demanded that she go into her house and get money and jewelry.
When they got to the front door, DeLeo was surprised to find her husband, who was home from work that day. DeLeo fled back to his car and took off.
He was stopped a short distance away by State Police and Clarkstown Police
officers and was found in possession of a gravity knife and two .22 caliber
DeLeo is being held on $100,000 bail pending future court appearances.

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