Orange County’s Medical examiner resigns


GOSHEN – Orange County’s first medical examiner, Dr. Charles Catanese, has left the post he has held since it was created in 2007.
County Executive Steven Neuhaus said Catanese and the county “decided to part ways.”
For the interim, Dr. Jennifer Roman, the deputy medical examiner, was
appointed acting ME, said Neuhaus, and time will tell if she will be appointed
to the post permanently.
“She has been with us for a while. She knows what she is doing.
Right off she is off to a good start.”
As to whether she will be named to the post permanently, “as a military guy, I always like to keep as many options on the table as possible.”
Dr. Roman has worked with the medical examiner’s office since 2012.
The office participated last week in an organ transplant and autopsy in which six organs were harvested from a young man, saving the lives of four patients, including a 14-year-old girl, in need of transplants. 

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