Group urges Newburgh to enact safe gun storage measure

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NEWBURGH – The group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is urging Newburgh officials to pass a safe firearm storage law.
Noting the city had 46 bullet-to-body shootings since March 2014, organization member Alex Dubroff said it could help Newburgh with its gun violence problems.
“I think it could really help with the stolen gun problem,” Dubroff said.  “In addition it will also help with the accidental shootings and suicides. There are cities in our state that already have safe storage ordinances, Buffalo and Rochester being two of them. Westchester County has a safe storage ordinance and New York City does.”
Dubroff said her group would participate in an education process on the handling of guns.
Acting Police Chief Daniel Cameron said he supports the education piece of a proposed ordinance regarding safe storage of firearms.