Remains of two Revolutionary War German mercenaries discovered at Fishkill Supply Depot

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FISHKILL – A researcher studying files of Revolutionary War soldiers discovered that the remains of two German soldiers, known as Hessians, who were mercenaries for the British Crown, are buried at the Fishkill Supply Depot in Fishkill.
Friends of Fishkill Supply Depot President Lance Ashworth said both men
perished in December 1778 after being taken prisoner at the Battle of
Saratoga. They were both detained in Fishkill while marching back to Virginia,
said Ashworth.
“What was on the German side essentially was the equivalent of the muster rolls the Germans kept, revealed there were two German mercenary soldiers who were treated at the American hospitals at Fishkill and died there,” he said.
The same researcher found that a soldier from the Maryland Regiment was also buried in Fishkill.
“That same researcher was also looking through a pension file and the affidavit for support of the pension it was mentioned that he perished at Fishkill,” Ashworth said.
An estimated 320 unmarked graves have been found at Fishkill Supply Depot. To date, 87 soldiers have been identified. Among them are four Canadians, two African-Americans and one Frenchman.