Bronx senator wants nuke plant preparedness plan study


ALBANY – In the wake of the transformer
fire at the Indian Point nuclear power plant unit 3 over the weekend,
State Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (D-Bronx) Monday talked up his proposal
to require a state study of disaster preparedness plans.

Crespo’s proposal would have homeland security and emergency services
officials study current emergency preparedness.

The assemblyman notes that the federal emergency zone around nuclear plants,
including Indian Point, is a 10-mile radius. He would like that enlarged
to as much as a 50-mile radius.

“We can’t force the feds; we can ask the feds. I think we
as a state can definitely ensure that a larger plan be prepared and we
can regulate that and ask for that,” he said. “The federal
regulations are a 10-mile radius. That doesn’t necessarily mean
that we can’t require a plan that encompasses a larger community.
You can’t go less than the 10 miles, but you can certainly ask that
more can be done.”
A companion bill to Crespo’s has passed in the Assembly, but has
yet to make it through the Senate.

Crespo said he has toured Indian Point in the past and was impressed by
the degree of security and planning Entergy has in place at the facility.


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