Dutchess Democratic leader challenges Molinaro’s claims in reelection announcement


POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County Democratic Party Chairwoman Elisa Sumner does not view Republican County Executive Marcus Molinaro’s first term in office in the same light.
Molinaro formally announced on Wednesday that he would seek a second
four-year term. His streamlining of county government has helped, but
“we’re not out of the woods yet,” he said.
But, Sumner doesn’t see it that way.
“In the last four years, taxpayers in Dutchess County have suffered the imposition of an ill-considered energy tax, a continued loss of jobs that pay decent wages, and a lack of any significant economic development.  Dutchess came in last in job creation among Orange, Ulster and Westchester,” she said.
Sumner charged the Molinaro administration has been laden with “cronyism and ‘pay to play’ politics; that has to end.”  
She charged that county offices were moved “so that rent is paid to the current county executive’s biggest donors. Meanwhile, he takes money from the neediest in the state to pad his budget deficit finances.”
Sumner said Molinaro has “increased financial pressure on our towns and cities by withholding sales tax revenue, in order to cover his financial mismanagement.  At the same time, as a former state legislator, he did nothing to alleviate the burden of state mandates which he now blames for all of his woes.”
The Democrat leader said if county residents are asked if they have seen improvements “in their lives or their wallets,” the majority will say no.
She said the county “cannot afford four more years of an ‘all sizzle no steak’ career politician. We deserve better leadership, stronger economic expansion and more transparency and honesty in how government is conducted.”
Democrats have yet to field a candidate to challenge Molinaro.  

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