Dutchess officials feed the hungry

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County government officials volunteered their time Thursday evening to serve food to the hungry residents of Poughkeepsie. This is the third consecutive year members of county government have prepared and served food at the Lunchbox, a kitchen operated by the Dutchess County non-profit Dutchess Outreach.
They served approximately 50 people starting at dinner time.

Legislator Angela Flesland organized the event

Bipartisanship with Republican County Executive Marcus Molinaro
and Democrat Minority leader Barbara Jeter-Jackson

County Legislature Majority Leader Angela Flesland, the organizer of
the event, said their participation is a representation of the fact that
their duty as county officials goes beyond just approving bills..

Legislator Gwen Johnson helps out at the dinner

“You know it’s not just a matter of passing legislation but,
it’s a matter of doing things out in the community and that’s
why we like doing something like this,” said Flesland.
She added that the volunteer work is a good way to get Democrats and Republicans working on something together; something which both parties can agree upon.
County Executive, Marcus Molinaro, said he was happy to be able to connect
with the public, especially with those who are having a tough time.
“It’s an important opportunity for us just to be able to help out but, it’s a great opportunity for us to talk with, really, those folks who are struggling and really to listen, how to be helpful and to give them an opportunity to have a good meal,” said Molinaro. “I wish we could do so much more and you know, this is our way of reaching back into the community.”
The Lunchbox in Poughkeepsie serves approximately 500 meals a day; dinner Sunday through Friday and also has an after-school program.