No support for staggered Ulster Legislature terms


KINGSTON – A proposal to stagger the terms of members of the Ulster County Legislature received no support at the Laws and Rules Committee on Monday night.
The proposal by Democrat Legislator Manna Jo Greene also included a provision to change the length of the terms from two to four years.
Committee Chairman Richard Parete, a fellow Democrat, said the plan did not make it out of committee.
“We don’t see how that one can work because of redistricting,” Parete said.  “When you redistrict, you can’t really take people out of a district or put them in a new district without those folks running for office. The attorney is going to look into it but most of us are fairly comfortable that wouldn’t be legal, wouldn’t be possible to do.”
Another proposal, by Republican Minority Leader Kenneth Ronk, would see four-year terms with term limits. That also received no support.
Neighboring Sullivan County is in the early stages of a charter review.  County Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson has said he would favor staggered terms for the nine-member Sullivan legislature. 

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