Hein sends back local election re-canvassing law unsigned

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KINGSTON – The automatic re-canvassing law approved by the Ulster County Legislature was returned to the lawmakers unsigned by County Executive Michael Hein. That means it automatically takes effect. He could have signed or vetoed it, but by sending it back unsigned, it can be modified.
His action comes after his analysis and that of County Attorney Beatrice Havranek, concluded that the measure is flawed and by returning it unsigned, it can be modified.
“It is my deeply held belief that every vote counts and that the intent of this local law is noble,” Hein wrote in his message to legislative leaders on Thursday. “Accurate elections are at the very heart of the American democracy that we all hold so dear.”
The measure is “substantially flawed in light of the drafting errors that exist,” he wrote. “While it is well intentioned, it is poorly executed and I fear that if not corrected, it may compromise the democratic process and jeopardize the very voters it sought to assist.”
The county executive said he has commitments from legislative leaders to “immediately commence the legislative process necessary to correct it.”