Woodbury Common tops Orange County tourist destinations


Storm King
Art Center’s big abstract structures are an attraction
for motoristrs on the Thruway

GOSHEN – For years, the top two tourist destinations in Orange County were Woodbury Common Premium Outlets and West Point. Woodbury Common remained on top, according to the latest statistics, but the US Military Academy has slipped into third place behind Storm King Art Center in Cornwall.
The fourth most visited attraction in Orange County is Motorcyclepedia in Newburgh and The Castle recreational area in Chester.
County Tourism Director Susan Hawvermale said the promotional efforts by the individual venues and the county have brought tourists from across the country and around the world to Orange County.
“We really have been working very hard to show that Orange County has very diverse destinations for all types of people,” Havermale said.  “These places appeal to families, they appeal to people beyond New York City, the metro area, and Storm King Art Center is known internationally.”
Based on most recent figures, Orange County draws some four million tourists per year and that does not include the 13 million who just come to shop at Woodbury Common.  Based on 2013 figures, visitors to the county spend over $435 million annually, up by $18 million from the previous two years.
Over 9,000 Orange County residents work in tourism-related businesses.